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Nikolas Strubbe

"Hilariously Weird & Sweetly Deranged"

Nikolas Strubbe

Shares art across genres, disciplines, & borders.

I believe that art should inspire, entertain, surprise, and embrace audiences of all kinds. To do this, I combine my experience in: theatre, circus arts, comedy, improv, storytelling, puppetry, immersive entertainment, education, humanitarian work, and visual media. This diverse approach helps me connect with audiences in authentic and magical ways. I have been fortunate to perform thousands of shows around the world since 2005, and have taught hundreds of workshops to students of all ages and skill levels. I am a graduate of University of California at Santa Cruz (2008), Flying Actor Studio's Physical Theatre Conservatory (2010), and earned my Master of Arts in Physical Theatre & Teatro di Figura (Puppetry) at Accademia Teatro Dimitri (2024)

A thorough CV can be found below, including performance history, arts companies, and prior training.

Nikolas Strubbe: Clown, Actor, Magician, Puppeteer, Storyteller, Vaudeville, Ringmaster, Director, Teacher, Model, Mime

Shows and Services


After The End

“After The End” is an original piece of theatre, featuring: rubbish puppets, hungry tricksters, and the end of the world… Using only handheld lamps, nonverbal vocalizations, and a unique approach to shadow theatre - this piece explores the possibilities of finding hope (and dark comedy) when all seems lost.

55 minutes.
Non-verbal. Ages 10-99+

April 28, 2023 (8:30pm) &
April 30, 2023 (5:00pm)
Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, Switzerland

Created and performed by Nikolas Strubbe

Scenography: Nikolas Strubbe and Nikolas Stocker

Outside Eye: Matilda Fatur


The Incredible Feelzo: Man of Moderate Talent

An ever changing and truly unique, improvised variety show for mature audiences. Using Storytelling, Magic, Comedy, and Masks, a circus charlatan tackles themes of lineage, loss, and the latent madness of risking it all in public.

60 minutes.
English. Ages 16+.
Premiered 2005.

Cast: Nikolas Strubbe

"Deftly conjures a forgotten era of show business." - Great Scott
"Melancholic, breathtaking, and one of a kind." - Patron
"This is a sensitive, deeply-risky, and personally challenging show. It is theatre with soul, circus with gentleness, and sensitivity with, well, blockhead. Go. Just go and see reality with all the boring bits cut out." John Campbell, Circus Avalon



This dark comedy combines puppetry and clown into a non-verbal tale of companionship and grief. Join three naïve yet mischievous characters as they battle against emptiness. Their shared imaginations create strange new worlds – filling the void with mail-order parcels, games, and unexpected magic. Come along on a bizarre journey of life, death, and cardboard boxes.

35 minutes.
Non-Verbal. All ages.
Premiered 2022.

Cast: Matilda Fatur, Nikolas Stocker, Nikolas Strubbe



Nikolas is available to teach workshops and masterclasses in many performance specialties.

Courses available in:
- Clown
- Mime
- Mask Theatre
- Introduction to Circus Skills
- Juggling
- Comedy for Schoolteachers
- Circus Arts for Schoolteachers
- Public Speaking & Presence
- Unlocking Creativity through Play

Courses have been offered since 2005 at a wide range of venues, from elementary schools to Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, universities, and private individuals.

Variable lengths.
Available in English (or with translation). Youth & Adult.
References are kept private, but available upon request.


Event Entertainment

Nikolas is available for special occasions, including:

  • Corporate Events

  • School Assemblies

  • Holiday Themes

  • Cabaret & Variety Shows

  • Private Parties

  • Street Festivals.

Performances can include ambient entertainment, interactive improv, featured acts, and full shows...

Skills include:

  • Juggling & Stilt Walking

  • Clown & Mime

  • Magic & Masks

  • Burlesque & Sideshow

  • Storytelling & Puppetry

  • MC & Standup Comedy

  • Costumed Characters

  • and more!

Booking & info:

Email me with event information, dates, location, budget, and any special requests.
I look forward to working together to bring your event to life!